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Red Wings logo reversed.

The idea isn't too bad, but the execution needs to be improved. Not a fan of what you have up there.

No matter what you do to it, please get rid of the white space around the logo.

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No, just no.

The point of their logo is its a flying P.

I still see the shape of a p

That's exactly what I was thinking, I think you can see the P shape even more so in Arron14's concept than you can in the actual logo.

I think this does have potential if it were cleaned up a bit.

700th post by the way. :woot:

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I don't like the use of so much orange, I would make the logo the same colour as the current one. The other thing is that the two lines coming down I think should be the same length. I like that you have taken some time on this logo and I think it does have potential.

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Wow. You have somehow found a way to make the Flyers logo look older

Joe, you just "bumped" a post from December 3rd, 2007.

Next time, don't reply to such an old topic, it's going to make a lot more people mad.

You certainly don't want to make a rep for yourself that way.

You're new, so you have an excuse. Just don't do it again.

Welcome to CCSLC!

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I thought you were going to say that we haven't seen him, seymour, or that other guy since they got ridiculed back then, but yeah... I guess we scared them off.

eh, these guys either leave and never come back, continue posting, or lurk.

It's a very tender age, 100 posts and below...


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I think you got something here.

As old as the Flyers are, I'm not a huge fan of their logo. The black streaks behind the orange circle to me always seemed big and clumsy. I like what you did here, adding a sort of serif thing to the ends of the streaks. I say keep the logo they have now, but update it with the serifs (and maybe try playing with a little silver outline or even more orange) and I think you might have something.

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