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SLSU Soccer Concept


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A few members on this board have created what I think are good concepts for the new St. Louis MLS expansion team. But the one thing that I didn't like about those concepts was that I don't think that they fit with the badge that the team has already come up with. So for my concept I used the striping on the badge as an inspiration for my kit. I used an adidas template naturally because it's an MLS team and I used Energizer as a sponsor because I am fairly sure they are based in St. Louis. C&C please.

Home Kit


Clash Kit


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I like it, a lot, simple, yet it goes with the badge they created so well. I think the all white clash is ok, but I would like to see one with the blue shorts as well. Overall very nice job.

BTW, what does SLSU stand for?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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