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United National Football League


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So I was taking a look at another message board today and saw that there is another football league out there. Playing from January-April. This is supposed to give players from college a chance to be showcased for the NFL Draft in april. One problem, they already have 22 logos and no cities to be showcased just yet.

Here are the logos

UNFL Logos

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I will honestly hope that they are not going to use these logos. I think they suck. There are designers out there that could so a much better job. If they are going to choose the cities, then shouldn't the city get to pick the nickname and the logo? I'm just saying.

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Am I the only one that gets the distinct feeling that these each represent an NFL team. The color schemes anyway. Some are really obvious like the fish in Miami colors, the planes in Jets colors, or the wolf in Panthers colors. Some are crazier like the segway robot guy in Niners colors or the wasp in Seahawk colors.

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