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Buccaneers Monochrome alt


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Pewter is too dark to use red numbers. White numbers would fix the problem.

i agree, although i see the purpose behind it... this way, the numbers match the pants stripes, going from red on the inside, out to orange and then black... i think it looks okay, but i dont know how much i'd like to see these on the field, i think a black alt would look way better... and besides, the lions use blue numbers on their black jerseys, but then again i hate that and i think they should go with white numbers and change the sleeve striping so the primary stripe is silver, not blue... actually the lions jersey sleeve striping is pretty inconsistent altogether, but you have managed to maintain the consistency in this concept... well done...

and i also like that number font, i think it's killer and i wouldnt mind seeing them switch to that at all...

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Yeah. I'm not really a fan of Black alternate jerseys. I was just thinking pewter is unique and dark enough to not end up being like the patriots "dirty white" silver alts. As for the number, I love the old school look of Block number, But they do get a little boring. Like I said its pretty much a block texans style. I wanted to keep the Red numbers because I feel if there white there is a large absence of red. Plus it matches the pant stripes. I'm sure anything close to this will never see the light of day. But I think it would look pretty cool on the field.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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