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Trivia of the Stadia - 2


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Starting now, and every Friday after this, I'll have trivia questions about a certain stadium around the world.

It's sort of like Tank's "Tank Stumper", but with stadiums! biggrin.gif

Your job, should you chose to accept this mission, is to try and guess which sports venue that I am describing.

These venues are not limited to sport, year, or anything else. Everything is fair game.


This stadium was located in the United Kingdom.

It was built in exactly 300 days at the cost of £750,000.

At the time it was described as the world's greatest sporting arena.

The World Wrestling Federation drew a sellout of 80,355 when SummerSlam was hosted at this stadium.

Good Luck!

(1 hint will be given if requested)

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Wembley would be my guess as well... British Bulldog v. Bret Hart in that Summerslam iirc.

Off topic, how come the roof wasn't closed for the Giants/Dolphins Game?

Because new Wembley does not have a retractable roof. The roof can slide to ensure all seats are under cover, but not the pitch. Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales has a retractable roof

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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