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Creating your own font


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I would like to try my hand at creating my own fonts. I was just wondering if anyone out there has done this before, and what the best way to do it would be. Are there font creation programs, or is there a way to do it with normal design programs. Is there a way to do it that makes it come out better in the long run? I haven't researched this at all because I don't want to get knee deep in a process and find out it isn't the best way to do it. If it matters at all, I am a serious designer and the fonts I create will likely be used on actual projects. Thanks for your help in advance.

P.S.-The search function isn't working for me right now, but I did try looking for previous threads about it. Keeps saying the page can't be loaded.

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i made a couple of fonts a while back using one of the downloads for mac os x. cant remember which one. ill have to check at work

its pretty simple. its a standard copy paste job.

the tricky thing was the kerning. there are many typographic rules and conventions that you should look ito before you start.

the istd (iternational standard of typographycal designer or something like that?) run a course that is actually very useful. dont

think it costs anything and you get letters after your name if you pass. check it out.

here is the font i made a few years ago. its pretty naiive and has some serious flaws but i see it about some times and even on the odd



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Fontographer and FontLab are pretty much the industry standards. Even though you can draw your characters in any of the programs, from what I've read on other message boards, I think the font artists are split between drawing in those applications, or drawing them in Illustrator and importing the curves.

As Fraser mentioned, the kerning (also called "metrics") is tricky, as well as tedious and very time-consuming. That's what makes many of the freeware fonts so cheap looking...the letterspacing looks "off" and unless you manually adjust the kerning, it makes the end product look very amateur.

I have always been fascinated by typography and font design. I think I have about 15 or 20 books and magazines on the subject. Sadly, the number of magazines devoted to the subject has dwindled. There used to be an excellent magazine called "Serif", but it hasn't been updated in years. http://www.serifmagazine.com/.

There is a European magazine called "Baseline", but it's expensive, and not updated regularly. http://www.baselinemagazine.com/

ITC used to have a great periodical called "U&lc" (Upper & Lowercase), but again, I don't know how often it's updated. http://www.itcfonts.com/ulc/4011/index.htm

A great resource is Typophile. They have articles and interviews, but the meat & potatoes is the message board. You will see numerous works in progress, all posted live, with valuable comments and critiques. You can even post as little as 2 characters and get advice as to how you should approach drawing the rest of the glyphs in your fonts. http://www.typophile.com/.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Thanks for the help so far. I will look into the things you guys said, to try to get this rolling.

As an aside, Davidson, I have a friend that actually used your font (rezland) in a logo for a branding project for school last year. Nice work, seems like that fonts getting around.

More help is welcome.

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