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High School Football Concept


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Hi y'all!

Well, it looks like im switchin schools again. This will be the 3rd school in 2 years. Its not that im bad or anything, were just trying to find the school with the most opportunity for me, and this one that i may be transferring to has alot of opportunity. They are the American Leadership Academy Eagles (Spanish Fork, Utah) , and they have a football team and a great academic system, which is perfect for me. So, im gonna tryout at QB for them but before i may make it, I really, really want to do something about thier uniform. They have Atlanta Falcons look-a-like unis, but just replace the black with navy and slap an "ALA" on the helmet. I hate them. Oh, and they also do a no no by putting "EAGLES" on the back of the uniform! Ughhh i hate it when teams do that! So, Ive done two concepts for my future school (and hopefully team), but im having trouble as to which concept I like better. Here's the descriptions:

Oh, these may look a little sloppy - the pic file converted to jpg without me wanting it to and so it is not a great quality. I apologize and hope it is still good to see.

The first here is inspired by Hawai'i (sounds interesting i know, but read on. There is a point). ALA is a very patriotic school who likes to use Patriotic emblems (their basketball unis are a knock off of the 1970's 76ers, with stars down the side and all). I was looking at Hawai'i's markings on thier unis (the diamonds), and the idea popped into my head to replace those with stars - sounds farfetched but if you saw it as I saw it, I thought it was a great idea) So I used the schools colors, created markings of my own and used thier current "ALA" logo and came up with this:

(The helmet pattern resembles stripes on the US flag)


The second one is a mix of inspirations: Texas Tech football and Columbus Blue Jackets. Texas Tech for its new age sort of look and Columbus for the red pants. I saw the Jackets' uni and thought of how patriotic it looked, and how cool the red shorts looked with it, so I thought that red pants would work nicely with this concept. This one was a little tougher than the first, because of the fact that I had to find the right fonts (The font is the Ottawa Senators font from last year), and had to really think hard about the excecution. But anyways, here it is (the ALA logo is the same but is white with red outline this time):


Sorry about having links. For whatever reason, I cant just upload the picture. Oh well. Please tell me what you guys think and please tell me which one I should send in. Ive worked hard and thought alot about what the school would want and this is what i have come up with. C&C is encouraged and appreciated and I hope to hear from you guys soon as to which you like best! Thanks!

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Ok. I appreciate all of your comments! From what I hear, I did pretty good this time! Are there anymore comments? Please feel free to continure C&C. Thanks guys!

(Oh, and to just clear up something, the colors are actually navy and red, not black and red. During the file conversion it darkened up my navy a bit, so yeah its not black.

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