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Office Machines Rebrand


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So I was just messing around the other day, trying to take my mind off of finals and decided to come up with a modernization of the identity for the local company where my mom works. It is an office supply store that specializes in selling copiers. Anyway, they have been toying with the idea of updating for a while and I have heard them say that they would like to keep some of the same elements and the same colors. So first here is the current logo.








Sorry for so many backgrounds, went a little overboard.

C+C is appreciated.

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Sorry, but any use of the font "Hobo" in an identity system is a major downgrade.

Their current logo isn't all that terrible, but their type treatment is awful. Perhaps you could try to fix that part of their logo for starters.

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That W and the effects on it is just not working at all. Sorry.

I agree with both of their comments of updating their current logo. Try using a few different fonts and update the sun a bit. I do like the slight gradient in your sun though. Keep going at it.

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Thanks for the C and C guys, I am going to reopen the file this week try to get version two out by Christmas. Again this was really my first non TV show concept, so sorry for the bumpy spot.

As an aside, InuYasha is a pretty solid show, I havent seen much, but it seems good enough for me to set down and watch.

Also to Kewp . . . GO HAWGS!

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