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Harlem Heat


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alright, here we go, lets see if i can help ya out.

1. i like the stripes around the number, but they limit the size of the number, make the stripes end closer to the side of the jersey so the number can be seen.

2. make the number bigger, much BIGGER

3. remove the logo from behind the logo, it looks way to crowded, maybe move it to the sleeve area

4. the stripe on the pants is different, it can be good in my opinion if you add a vertical line to the side of the pants and attach it to the existent line, it look wierd that it just ends, ya know what i mean?

5. get rid of the shoulder stripes, it is already a busy look. don't overdo it

6. make the name on the back bigger

7. maybe make the pants red or white, it kinda looks like the mcdonalds team right now

hopefully these were helpful, keep on designing!

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I prefer the old Harlem Heat uniforms, to be honest:



A few tips/pointers/thoughts:

- Is it just me, or are there no numbers whatsoever? Unless that's a "5" in the middle.

- The red on the pants/shoulders...its it just a triangle?

- Lowercase letters on the nameplate...probably not good

Edit: A bit too slow. You beat me to it, Mingsy. Eh, screw it, I'm leaving my picture up, even though it's the same one you posted. Can you dig that, succccckkkkkkaaaaa?!?

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Thought you could get away with it... ^_^


I noticed that. Cool idea. Howevuh, what about when you have more than one number? I guess the rest of the H would be overshadowed.

Maybe make the arrows at the legs wrap around the leg. Like <----------->, if you can catch my drift. Also try to continue the arrows on the shoulders as well. I guess this is my attempt at trying to make a weird ass concept look like a more aesthetically pleasing weird ass concept?

(and lol @ me not being the only one expecting a Booker-T/Stevie Ray concept.

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Eh not feeling it. I've never been a fan of stripes on the body of the jersey like that.
Thought you could get away with it... ^_^


and by the way could you tell me what font that 5 is? ^^^^

Sabres. w/ outline stroke jacked up to like 10

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