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Update on my Very First Concept


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Alright kids, story time. If you don't like reading, just skip all of this crap and compare the first picture (2005) to the second one (tonight) and make your C&C based on that.

In January, 2005, I joined this here community. Three days later, I somehow managed to land a spot in one of the fantasy leagues here in the community. While it's not 100% the reason I participate in the boards, it was definately what got me hooked. But that's now, we're talking about then, so let's go back there.

Upon recieving word that I was now owner of a fantasy team, my mind began to race. Oh, no... now I need to come up with a concept just like these other guys here. I've never done this before and it's going to suck and I'm going to get laughed at and AAAAAAAARGH!! I was unemployed at the time, and I was going through a nasty break-up. I needed to get my mind off of all the other crap somehow, and I needed to make my insomnia at least somewhat fruitful. So I went to work.

Not being at all artistically inclined, I needed to find a nickname I could work with. Storm. Great. That'll do. So I dug and dug and found something I could work with. Now I needed a template. I used ICS's, which was basically a hack of one of his international football designs (sorry, Sharkie... I was desperate). I worked a total of eight hours over three nights, and finally came up with this: 2005 PHILADELPHIA STORM CONCEPT.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got very positive feedback for it, and I thought to myself, self, I guess you don't suck too much after all. I felt better about myself... two months later I had a job, and two months after that, I met my current girlfriend. Three years later, I'm still hanging around you bozos and running a :censored:load of fantasy leagues.

See, kids? Better living through concepts. But that's not the point. Three years later, after starting and stopping and fiddling, I present to you an update of my Philadelphia Storm identity.



-- Darker Blue

-- Tampa Bay Lightning number font

-- Removal of mangled Philadelphia Bell logo from sleeves

-- Placement of helmet logo on sleeves

-- Removal of all striping and thin lightning bolts

-- Placement of lightning bolt stripe on pants

C&C appreciated, and I'm sorry for rambling. This team and this concept has high sentimental value -- you always remember your first.

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I think it looks good. I'm not really sold on the sock striping. I'd probably put the green on each side of the blue. Also, I'd make the lightning bolt a little thinner, but not as thin as the old one. I'd also lose the second par of blue pants. Maybe white?

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