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Florida Marlins - Tweaks


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Here's what I think the Fish should do when, and if, they get a new stadium. I've put way more teal back into the uniforms, on the hat, and especially in the super teal 1993 inspired alternates. I pretty much left the road uniform as they have it now, I really love the newer "Florida" they started using in '03. Also for the home and alternates I brought back the 2-piece style with the colored sleeves, I think it just looks better than the plain 1-piece design. Also I've lost the pinstripes, because well, I've never liked pinstripes. C&C is appreciated.


..also this is pretty funny. Some of you may remember the Miami MLS concept I posted a week ago where I suggested a conjoined, dual purpose facility for the Marlins and the MLS, something of this sort:


Well I was reading an article on my local paper's website and it says "(Mayor)Diaz is also hoping to build a Major League Soccer stadium next to the baseball stadium and has been in discussions with the league about the city potentially securing an expansion franchise one day. Part of a baseball agreement would require the city to pay for a 6,000-space parking garage. Diaz said having a baseball and soccer team would help generate enough revenue to pay for the garage, which he estimated at $85 million to $90 million." I guess I called that one lol.

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There are a coupla things I would have done differently:

1) The home would look much better without the sleeveless jersey. An alt. sleeveless is enough in this case.

2) The extra grey outline around the home / alt scripts is a little much.

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Reminds me of the old New Haven Ravens uniforms for some reason. Maybe they had something similar, I honestly can't recall. Anyway, great work on these. I love the idea of adjacent stadiums next to each other, and I would buy that alternate jersey and hat in a heartbeat!

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