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seattle spartans 2


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You've stepped backwards, my friend.

What happens when you have a double digit number on the front? It'll be obscured by the spears. The spears are a decent touch, but they need to be completely out of the way.

I don't like the way the logo is plastered onto the helmet and sleeves like that. It looks rushed and uninspired.

Also, you have a gray stripe on the socks from the template and nowhere else.

Finally, when you update a concept that you've already posted a thread on, please use the same thread for that purpose. No need to clutter up the boards with threads that are about the same concept.

But to quote StinkoMan... "Keep Try!"

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Well, you used San Jose States logo and recolored it. It hink its a good looking logo, but Id like to see something more original (you can only get away with stuff like that on high school and city league concepts). And I also agree that the side pattern needs to go. That just isnt working right now. I think youve got potential though, and I advise you to just keep it up and keep working.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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