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Blackhawks Sleeve Logo


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The logo I am asking about is this:


On my white jersey, the logo is consistent with the one presented on the website

On my black alternate jersey I purchased last season (CCM, replica, new 2007 from a store) the logo is slightly different. Needless to say, it's something I never really noticed before until I had the 2 jerseys side by side in front of me (my white one being a few years older)

1. Serif on the top half of the C

2. Font of C is less bold (thinner)

3. The "X" on the tomahawk is not an X in the center but rather it goes to the edges

the logo is consistent with the one being used currently:


so I have 2 questions

1. Is the this site just not up to date?

2. When did the switch/update to the logo occur?

Much thanks!

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For the record, Chris' logo isn't old, it's just that all of the official files have that older style shoulder logo in them.

The 2007-2008 Blackhawks file still shows the previous version.

It happens...it's annoying, but it happens.

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For as long as I can remember, the serifed "C" has adorned authentic Hawks jerseys. The non-serifed version seems to be a product of the mid-90's, and shows up as a secondary logo just about everywhere except the shoulders of authentic Hawks jerseys. But as you can tell, it's horribly inaccurate, and I don't understand why a more correct version of the secondary logo hasn't shown up. (At least Starter got it right on their replicas back in the day. Nike/Bauer and CCM... not so much.)

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It has always been like this. The secondary logo used for merchandise is the one that is on the CCSL site. The sweaters have had the serif on the C for ages.

There was also a different Indian head on the sweaters until a few years ago that had gold trim and not as much of a smile.

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