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Ireland Australian Rules Football Guernsey Competition


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Design Ireland’s New Guernsey

ARFLI National Team NewsARFLI are seeking assistance from our members and fans ahead of next year’s AFL International Cup in Australia. We need new guernseys designed, both home and change strips. As we receive the designs on the website for review by our readers, the designs with the most votes will be chosen to be worn by the Irish team in Australia.

The winning designers will be presented with a Guernsey designed by them, signed by the team and framed for posterity. Best of luck to everyone that has a go. We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labour.

Design Notes:

1) The last jersey incorporated Irish and Australian influences - Irish Harp on front, stars from Australian Flag on back. While this feature is not required, it should be noted. 2) The ARFLI logo should appear on the jersey.

Click here to download the ARFLI Logo, Previous Home Jersey and Previous Away Jersey.

Example of international jerseys can be found here: http://www.sekem.com.au/SekemSection/Inter...tion/index.html

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Let me start by saying that I really, really like that design, Brian. I like the elements of the jersey itself and I think they fit well together.

My only issue are the other elements -- the number on front and the name in the back -- that make it look more like a sleeveless soccer jersey. Teams almost never have the number on the front (and the only times I've seen it, it similar to how the NHL teams do it on their new RBK jerseys), and the players names do not appear on the back.

I'm sure Mero and Matt and Primal and them can steer you one way or another, but I really like that design.

As for me, I will definitely try my hand in this, especially since I've improved in the two years following my last attempt for the "Aussie Rules Europe" project (remember that, kids?)


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