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El paso rumble logo revealed


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The new El Paso Rumble IFL (Intense Football League) indoor Texas league just revealed their new logo.  Not too bad.  Word is Michael Buffer ("Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUMBLE!") will be involved in the team's PR campaign.


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The team is, in fact, named in homage of boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer's trademark "Let's get ready to rumble" call. Buffer has been hired to serve as the team's spokesman in its marketing campaign.

The league's president, Chad Dittman, has even gone on record as saying that the name and spokesperson were chosen because, "El Paso is a huge boxing market and Buffer is tied to boxing."

Brilliant reasoning there... try and tie your sports product into another sports product that it has next-to-nothing to do with.

:P  Maybe the players can wear shorts and twelve-ounce gloves?

Brian in Boston

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