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I started a Madden 08 Jets franchise the other day, and I played a game wearing the throwbacks from the 90's. You know the one with the Jets wordmark with the jet over it and such. The main thing I noticed was that the shade of green was significantly different (which I know they were different before, just didn't know by so much). I then decided to throw this concept together, and I must say I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Anyway, I mashed together the font from this era and also added the NY secondary logo they have, which I really like. I also added my version of the jet and the stream coming from it and going into the J. I think my version looks less dated, and the font is certainly an upgrade from the old one. I also noticed that the color on the Jets web site is much more of the Kelly Green, than the darker shade they use now. Other than the logos you'll notice that almost everything is the Kelly Green color, so I decided to scrap the darker shade and go with the Kelly. I also added the black that was in the uniforms in the early 90's.

Not too sure on the uniforms, which is why TV numbers and a logo on the sleeves is absent, cause I do plan on you guys picking those away and changing them. Anyway, let's get some C&C on this thing and see how you guys feel. ^_^

EDIT: Messed up a little. The secondary is the primary and vice versa.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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