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NBA Playoff Scenarios


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If the NBA season ended today, there would be some big suprises.

In the East:

1. Boston *(20-2) vs.

8. Cleveland (11-14)

2. Detroit (17-7) vs.

7. Atlanta* (12-12)

3. Orlando (17-9) vs.

6. Indiana* (13-12)

4. Toronto (15-11)

5. Washington (13-10)

BOLD indicates division winner, while * means new playoff team.

In the West:

1. San Antonio (18-6) vs.

8. Utah (14-12)

2. Phoenix (18-7) vs.

7. Golden State (14-11)

3. Dallas (17-9) vs.

6. New Orleans* (15-10)

4. Denver (14-10) vs.

5. Los Angeles (15-9)

So, some interesting matchups in the East, with many new playoff teams. The gap in playoff teams in the East is 10.5 games while it only being 5 in th West. This is partially due to the Celtics great start.

Comments? Questions? Observations?

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The Hawks would probably get crushed in the 1st Round if this was to happen. Detroit has owned them all season through 3 contests thus far, and as last year's Mavs-Warriors series taught us, regular season match-ups really do matter.

If Toronto and Washington played each other in the first round, that'd be a freakin' awesome series. Two of the more fun teams in the East going up against each other. I'd watch every game of that series.

Phoenix vs. Golden State would be the most exciting match-up, if that were to occur. I'd definitely stay up until 3 in the morning to watch the entirety of those games.

But yeah, it's way too early. We just got through the 1st quarter of the season. We gotta let some more chips hit the ground before we can really make some prognostications on the playoffs.

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