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Never Used Cleveland Barons Jersey


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I was poking around for a picture to post on another topic and stumbled upon this.


The website operator said it was supposed to be the jersey the Barons would have worn in 1978-79 if the franchise hadn't been merged with the North Stars. He said it's stored at the Hall of Fame.

I've seen a few never-made-it shirts before, like the Nordiques wolf jersey, but I'd never even heard of this one.

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Yeah, that one's folded up in a case at the HHOF. Seeing the entire thing, I'm glad it never came to pass. The entire jersey is far too plain, and the sleeves are virtually empty with the numbers crammed up on the shoulders. It all looks very rec-league. Of course, the Barons could never top their first-year sleeve numbers inside outlines of the state of Ohio.

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