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Gaborik scores five


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Yes, tonight turned out to be a pretty exceptional night at the Wild game as ebod39 and I were at the Xcel Center as Marian Gaborik became the first NHL player in 11 years, and the first one this century, to score 5 goals in a game, plus he added an assist on top of that.

They tried to set him up for a sixth, and he had two pretty good chances for it during a late power play, but the backup Rangers goalie made a good save to deny Gaborik one last goal, which would have sent the place into euphoria.

Marian's 3rd goal gave him a natural hat trick and resulted in a shower of various hats and caps onto the ice, including several Christmas stocking caps and a pair of those "hockey helmet" hats, which retail for $30 each! I wanted first pick out of the barrel after they cleaned up the ice knowing those were in there.

That will certainly go down as one of the greatest sports performances I've ever seen in person. notworthy.gifnotworthy.gifnotworthy.gif

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Unlike spyboy, I had to settle for watching Gaborik's performance on TV. That made it no less unbelievable.

For the Rangers, about the only highlight was the "gimmie" goal they got when the Wild defender (Burns?) slipped and fell in front of the net.

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