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Houston Astros uniform history


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I know the Astros ran a complete uniform overhaul after bidding farewell from the Astrodome after the 1999 season, and it looks like they have established an identity with the brick red/black/limestone/and graphite colors on their current uniforms they have been wearing for nearly a decade,with a few changes on their alternate jerseys,which I hope will remain the same for years to come. They have made a few uniform modifications prior to that from 1994-1999 Navy/metallic gold combo with that electronical-like wordmark and their traditional orange and navy set from 1974-1993, with the elimination of the multi-colored jersey after the 1986 season. It does not seem the Astros made many uniform modifications, since changing their teamname in 1965. Does anyone have photos of The Astros uniforms from 1965-1974? If so, can someone please post them?

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