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My san diego padres uniform concept


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San Diego Padres proposed uniform concept

here are the colors I used: (the orange is different from the one the Padres currently use)

San Diego Padres Navy Blue

San Diego Padres Orange

San Diego Padres Maroon

San Diego Padres Tan

thanks goes out to Pantone for the help with these colors

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I like the concepts, and the swingin' Padre logo looks good, the only thing I can say is that the orange is a little too flourescent for my taste. Maybe dull it down, or replace the maroon and orange with a colour that combines the two?

Good work, I'm impressed.

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If I was to either remove one of those secondary colors or dull down the orange, it would then look too much like other teams out there. The orange I used is not quite, but close to San Francisco Giants orange. and that IS maroon! its PANTONE 194C to be exact!  :P

see, a padres uni that is unique and has NO BROWN! It could be done people!

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Isn't 194C Cardinal red? Either way, while it looks good I stick to my belief that you need to drop one of the colors to make it great.

yeah its the same 194 C. the Padres call it maroon and the Cardinals call it cardinal red. a lot of teams give the same color different names from my understanding. just ask our resident color guru!  :;):

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