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Obscure hockey jerseys

Milo Meningocele

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Apparently nobody has attended a sporting event in Pittsburgh...especially at Heinz when Mullet Nation is at it's finest. If I were to type some of the crap I saw just this year, we would lock up all the gig space on this forum.

Scene: Last December, bathroom, Heinz field.

People involved: Me in my Bucs gear and two Steeler fans.

Situation: I'm waiting in line to wash my hands near the end of the beatdown being administered by the Steelers on the Bucs. Two guys with mullets approach me one wearing a Rod Woodson jersey the other wearing a Greg Lloyd jersey and yellow/black zubaz..."How does it feel to be a loser?" I was asked...I didn't even have the gumption to offer a response.

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Mildly entertaining, a decent read to geeks like us.

link to article

EDIT: The source is actually a blog site entirely dedicated to random jerseys spotted in public, which is definitely worth a look.


Straight Cash Homey is a fantastic site that I look at every day. Its entertaining to me, so many defunct jerseys being worn, so little time.

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