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MLS Miami FC


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Recently Miami tentatively approved $50 million towards a new MLS stadium at the Orange Bowl, next to the new Marlins stadium, and I wanted to do another MLS Miami concept. This time it's if they decide to not do a Boca Juniors spinoff, but if they promote/absorb the USL's Miami FC. I used the same colors/type style to pay tribute to the Fusion, and tried to make the effect of a hurricane/soccer ball for the logo(especially the alternate). I picked the same colors as my Boca concept because I really like the combo of blue/yellow like Club America, the Fusion, etc. I know the template probably isn't exactly what adidas or the MLS uses, but I wanted to try something a little different with the triple stripe on just one side of the jersey/shorts and the curvy shapes of the logo on the opposite.


Also I thought of the unofficial nickname for the team, "Storm Surge", and put it on one of those rally rag/scarf deals they have at soccer games all the time(is there a technical term for those?). C&C appreciated!


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Awesome work here... minor tweak. Traditionally, the badge ought to be where you have the adidas logo, and put the adidas logo wherever you like. Otherwise, fantastic identity, and thank heavens someone's rockin' the soccer scarves!

i think the badge looks good there, and plenty of other teams have/had their badge in the middle before (check out sao paulo's home shirt for something even weirder...) However, i would move the adidas logo either to the middle then shift the badge down slightly, or over to the left (players right) where most manufacturers seem to stick theirs.

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Send this to whoever is incharge of getting a franchise down there or something. This is good good great stuff.

You know what? I just might. The actual team Miami FC is holding open tryouts in January, so if I wanted, and If I was good enough(which I'm not), I could play for the team, so I figure I could give it a shot to design their logo and uniforms. I would just need to change the sponsor to GOLTV and the kits to Umbro... that and remove the MLS logo and replace it with a USL one. And as a graphic design student, I'd have a bit more credibility than some random guy. Also, they held a contest with school kids earlier this year to give the team a nickname(which turned out to be Blues, lame) and a mascot, so they are willing to do stuff via the community. That would be pretty cool too if they did it wouldn't it? Hell even if I did it for free it would be a damned good portfolio piece to have the re-brand of a professional sports franchise. Also, thanks for the comments guys, I think this is my favorite concept so far(and my personal favorite logo design).

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