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seminoles update


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hello all

I've been bored here on Christmas Break, and thus decided to update the seminoles logo, because that's what everyone does when bored.

not much to say about this one, i'm sure you guys will come up with ways for me to fix it, so go at it.

MS Paint represent :peace:


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While your version is far cleaner than its predecessor, it has a few problems, too. For one, the original is clearly a screaming man, whereas your version, due to its eye-area and lip shape, looks more like a yawning woman. If you can manage to fix this, I would actually suggest you send this to FSU.

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alright, so I tried getting rid of the bacon look, I tried using the face paint patter that Chief Osceola uses in most of the pictures I have found.

I also tried fixing the mouth/eye problem, and I think that the war cry is beginning to return to the logo.

more C&C please

the one to the right is the updated version.


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I like it. It retains the look that we all know, but also validates the name 'Seminoles' as a mascot. A lot of people get offended by team names like that(Redskins, Indians, Chiefs), but by using authentic face paint patterns and a realistic motif, you're almost glorifying the Seminole nation. I think they'd be proud.

But maybe I'm reading too much into it.

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