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Portland Lumberjax Plaid 3rd Jersey


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With the NLL season kicking off in a few days, I'm getting really excited to see my home team Portland Lumberjax kick off their 3rd season. Ever since the name was announced the idea of a plaid jersey has been thrown around, and this season they have finally released one (and a plaid trucker hat, the whole marketing campaign is based around plaid this year.) They have finally released photos of the jersey from the recent season ticket holder party and I had a hard time not going to buy one today when I saw them.




Now I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I've yet to buy a Jax jersey, mainly because of how the replicas come numbered. Instead of using 3 color tackle twill, you only get one color, which doesn't cut it for me. The only way to get 3 color name and number is to buy an authentic which runs for $250 when a replica is $150 (customized). I was wondering if anyone knew what the font they used for their numbers, as my plan is to pick up a jersey and get the lettering done when I send in some hockey jerseys. I have a few examples of the font here. Any help would be appreciated.

Replica Jersey: product_thumbphp.jpg

Authentic 3 layer font: num22.jpg

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Flynn, I knew you had done the original logo but not the jerseys as well, very well done sir. I'm leaning towards Ryan Powell's #22 but Brodie Merrill is tempting too. Eventually I'd like get one of each customized, but I only make a game or two a year since in school in Seattle. Next year I can finally get my season tickets!

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I'mmm a lumberjack and I'm okay.....

Very cool looking jerseys

That was the first thing I thought of when I saw it. Now lets hope they have a sense of humor and use the Monty Python song at the game. Well maybe not the whole song. :D

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Love the Plaid!!

As I recall, we discussed plaid in that Seahawks guitar thread I posted awhile back. (Which I have to redo, as I had a minor flaw when I went to finish it up that I couldn't live with...next year it should be done.

I think I need one of those. Holy crap those are awesome.

I agree, its eating at me not to have bought one yet.

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Right now they are only available in person. Once the season gets underway I'm sure they will get them online, as they tend to take a little while to update all the swag they get each season. If you want one, I'm sure you can phone it in, the link for their contact info can be found at the top of the main page. The main office is where all the merchandise is and I'm sure they would be willing to complete an order via phone.

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