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New online soccer simulation


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International Football Federation will open its doors very soon. We are beginning with two 20 league English club leagues using real club names. The preseason King George's Cup, featuring all 40 clubs begins tomorrow. Regular season to begin immediately following the cup final.

We use ESMS as the simulation engine and the files needed are free and on our site for download. ESMS is a free program and actually, all the coach needs to create his roster sheet is two small text files. Then just upload that sheet to the commish using the league's upload page and you're done.

The IFF presently has 32 coaches on board, but would love to fill it up very soon. As new coaches want to be involved, we will add more leagues.

We had been searching for a program to run an online English football league with when we stumbled upon ESMS! After a few weeks, we are sold on it as an engine and want to help further ESMS in any way we can.

We've collected as much FAQ information on the net as we could find and incorporated it into our league site.

We invite anyone looking for a stable league (we're not going anywhere) to join the TSW forums and go to the IFF area to sign up.

We are an international group of mature onliners who love writing about our online leagues, so this is no fly by night operation.

Come one over and join the IFF!

Want more information? I'm Cooleyvol on the boards. PM me any questions or email me at cooleyattotalsportsworlddotnet

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Rules were made to be broken, and the ends justify the means.


I apologize to all if there's a rule against advertising an online simulation league here. I've been here a long time and I'd never want to ruffle feathers. I just thought since there are obviously some footie fans here, they might be interested in knowing of such a league.

If this should have been in the Lounge, again, i apologize.

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