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New mexico state


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The image link might not have worked, but here's a quick alternate design for the New Mexico State Aggies. It kind of ties in with the "state" aspect of the university.                                                                              sdd.aggie.gif
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It's in the TFAQ, but I notice now that the TFAQ is unavailable (hockeygator must be having some tech. difficulties).

Get free webspace from places like Angelfire.com or Geocities.com.

Save your image as a gif or jpg.

Upload it to your Angelfire or Geocities website.

Give us the link to the image.

Use the "http://" iB Code Button, located above the text box when replying, to make the link you give us easily copy-able.

Repeat as necessary.

Hope this helps!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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