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St. Louis Rams Concept


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I've been trying and dicarding many different ideas for my beloved (and currently pathetic) Rams. I've finally decided on something quite simple. The maing pattern on the jeresey, the stripe going from the front, over the shoulder and under sleeve, is supposed to be a Rams horn. Now, in the NFL today, with most players hardly even having sleeves, more than likely, the bottom part, which would include the point of the horn, would more than likely not even be visible, or even there. But, I feel, even the part that does show up, from the front where it's wider and squared off, over the shoulder and to the base of the sleeve, where it gets smaller, would still be quite asthetically pleasing. I put the numbers back on sleeves and left the shoulders bare, much like the royal/yellow days. I brought back the baseball block-style numbers that were featured on the jerseys the first year they switched to the navy and gold. The pants, I returned to the 3 thicker stripes, as well. This allowed me to make them similar in the 3 main colors, gold, navy, and white. On the navy, however, it looked kinda off with the white in the middle of the 2 gold, so I made it gold/navy/gold, which kinda looks rather retro, which I likes. I also did a gold alt. over all 3 sets of pants. Here:





I actually have 30 color variations of these, which I compiled into one master pic. I won't post it unless everyone is just absolutely curious as to what they look like. On most, I altered the striping colors on the pants, and some with the sleeves and horn/stripe on the white jerseys. But I narrowed them down to the ones I prefer.


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I really think the addition of white numbers adds to the dark blue jersey and makes this color scheme work much better than it currently does. But I'd still like to see what the dark blue and old school athletic gold look like together on this template.

And I love the gold-navy-gold stripe on the navy pants.

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Looks good! I think I would like to see the big one just because it give more things to comment on.

You asked for it:


Some differences you may not notice, but they're simple, like the white stripe instead of the navy in between the 2 golds on some of the sets. And all the white sets at the bottom, some have the gold shoulder stripe/horn, while the other side has the navy shoulder stripe/horn.

I also did a reversal of the helmet color (gold with navy horn) just to throw in there.

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I think that these look great, and I can tell you worked very hard on these (just look at all the combos! Geez! lol). I say that it isnt quite an A+, but it is still great work. I think that I cant put my finger on what im looking for. Perhaps a wordmark on the uni or something, or a logo somewhere, but nonetheless, this is stellar work. Keep it up!

Oh, and props on the sig....I have that CD of Breaking Benjamin and its a good one. Great pick of the song to use, too!

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