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Hey all,

I have been wanting to tackle the Iggles in earnest for a while now, and the NFL Redesign Group Project got the ball rolling. When playing around with all the colors the teams use, I started playing with the Iggles' old Kelly Green and color combos surrounding that. I ended up using a lot of different grays or silvers, and while I was narrowing it down I thought, "Why can't I just use two grays?". Thats what I did, but then while actually making the concept I started thinking about the Grizzlies, and how they have a very very very light blue that most people just see as white, and how they could get away with never really incorporating white into any uniform element. So thats what I was trying to do, trying to include no white in the whole set, trying to bring back the Kelly Green, and trying to modernize their older ('76-'80-ish) jerseys to todays standards. Anyway, C&C very welcome. Hope you like it. Any questions, just ask.




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This is a very clean and simple design. Very nice. I like this shade of green more than the current "midnight green."

Are the home pants/away jersey white or silver? All the "shading" makes it difficult to tell.

The only hting that I might change is the wings on the helmet. There is a lot of black up there, but nowhere else on the uniform.

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You see the way your striping ends where the pants meet the jersey? That's how the striping on the sleeves should end when it meets the armpit area. It would tie everything together. Right now I really hate the way it looks with the outline in that area. The only other thing I'd suggest is losing the "no-white" thing and replacing all the light gray with white. Very nice looking set, though. :)

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This is solid work and even though you said you weren't going to use white, I think you should because as of now, it looks kind of lifeless and sluggish. The addition of white would go a long way in complementing the other elements of this set and improving the set as a whole.

I like the sleeve and pants striping and how they stay consistant, but I think you should maybe tinker with a helmet stripe that emulates the sleeve and pants to have true consistency.

I think a font other than the Falcons would look better so it doesn't look like a rip off, maybe just a simple block font would do.

I like this set and there are a few things that would make me like it even more. Nice job, eRay.

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Love it. The only thing I'd like to see changed are the numbers. I think they'd look much better with an outline, drop shadow, or double outline, etc, etc.

And I think their surrent number font would look much better, I'm not a big fan of the Falcons number font.

Other than that, they look great.


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