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Mystery player 2/8/04


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I was one of the top stars in the NHL winning the Art Ross Trophy in 1929, when my career came to a sudden and shocking end on December 12, 1933. At first it even looked like the hit I took would end my life as homicide investiagtors were preparing to charge Eddie Shore who had caused my head injury. I was forced to go through major surgery which created a burden on my family so the NHL decided to hold a beneift game in my honor. Fortuntley I pulled through and worked with the Leafs for the rest of my life which ended in 1992 nearly 60 yars after the big hit.

Who Am I?

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And that Benefit game was the first NHL All Star game--although it was a one shot at that time.

But not officially the first all-star game.

They held another unofficial all-star game (I THINK) after Howie Mornez had a career and (ultimately) life ending injury.

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