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Philadelphia Eagles Hockey Concept


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My thoughts are that nothing in the Eagles' package is particularly conducive to being used as a hockey crest, but I guess it's okay for what it is.

Ditto, alas it reminds me of the Sharks -- relatively the same colors.

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I generally don't like jerseys with piping like that, but, those are pretty nice. The Eagles logo does work well as a crest, and I like that you've put the Eagles 75th ann'y patch as a chest patch. Would be problematic in the case of them making the stanley cup, but, that could be dealt with. (I'm actually worried about that for this year when my pistons make the finals...)

DNabb, an A? I mean, I get that it's partly so you could use a cool A, but, can you design a cool C?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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