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Hockey team concept


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Wow, Aurora's a tough name to work with, you've done a good job there, Mockba. A few suggestions, if I may:

The black trees don't show up against the dark blue. Either find a way to highlight them, or drop them altogether.

Choose one of the black or the blue. Too close to tell which is which from far away anyway, so you might as well pick one.

Put the Minnesota text somewhere else in the wordmark. As neat a spot as it is in currently, it just doesn't show up well, especially with colour you've chosen for it. It also contributes to an overly busy feel to the logo. Simplicity is beautiful. Try moving the Minnesota text out on it's own.

I must say, however, that I love the way you've depicted the northern lights. Fantastic. Might the logo benefit from a shade of green or red?

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Some good thoughts.  I still like the blue/black colour scheme, though; it's supposed to be a silhouette against the night sky, and those colours fit too well for it.

I made some adjustments, though, adding an outline to the trees and moving the "Minnesota."  Thoughts?

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Yeah.  The problem is it doesn't seem to go well on top because of the letters being rounded.  Hm.

I tried putting it back inside, but this time towards the top, and changing some of the colours around.  I think it looks better this time.

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Ever have a design you just couldn't stop tweaking?

I've now played with the Aurora design, and have four different tweaks of it.  I added some background stars (which kindof look like falling snow, though they're meant to be stars) and some snow detailing on the trees.  So, I have these versions of the logo now:

with snow and stars:  Main Logo  Word Mark  "A" Logo  

with snow:  Main Logo  Word Mark  "A" Logo  

with stars:  Main Logo  Word Mark  "A" Logo  

plain:  Main Logo  Word Mark  "A" Logo  

Compliments?  Complaints?  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Puking smileys?  :D

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