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Portland (OR) Zephyrs


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so anyway, my PFA team relocated from Honolulu to Portland, where I resurrected the "Zephyrs" nickname and logo. The update is here:


What's the big deal you ask? I dunno. But here's the thinking-

I recolored the logo to more closely resemble the Portland city flag (emerald/sky blue/yellow).

I know that the curves and outlines need work. Don't bother mentioning them. They will change in the coming days/weeks/months/whenever.

I updated the wordmark from the 'Grenadier' font to Agency. I may also plaster this on the helmet, when the time comes to do uniforms.

There is no #4.

Serious C&C welcome, comments of "better than Patsox" or "needs stripes" can go :censored: you.

Tear it apart, gentlemen.

fake edit: For posterity's sake, here's the original Cleveland Zephyrs logo:


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looks good man. it could be cool if you incorporated Portland, or zephyrs into the logo, but i think its fine as is.

text is def a lot better than the original. it looks like the text that should be on the menu of a greek restaurant. yours looks good.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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