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Good afternoon fellas.

Are we all good today? or night in America.

Here today is a new cycling concept plus one I had prepared earlier.

I'm a big fan of cycling, i ride on average 70-100km's a week on the bike, not so much in the past month since i crashed but prior to that i had done heaps. So naturally, owning illustrator and an interest in cycling leads to a..... yep, you guessed it, cycling concepts.

The first one is an older one, i had done about two months back, and the second one is something i drew up over the past few hours.

Cycling jerseys typically feature advertising so I thought I'd just advertise myself. It's better than downloading logos.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehold................ the cycling jersey of tomorrow, today.


Comments, critisisms, ideas, requests, i just wanna play around with this template.

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Howdy, Matt. I dunno why no ones commenting on these but I'll give you some input. As for the template, I think it could be made to look more realistic. It works fine to show the design of the garment but I think if you made it look less blocky it could lead to nicer concepts overall. As for the actual jersey/shirt design, I think most of them are pretty nice. I really like the alphabet man patterned one the best. The graphics are trendy but don't seem like they'd get old too quickly. Nice job..

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Nice job on these man, I really like the Half-arched Moon and Wings concepts. Happy Stripes looks pretty nice too.

Even though I know almost nothing about Cycling I'm really enjoying these from an asthetic point of view. Keep up the awesome work man! Looking forward to seeing more.

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Here's two more.

I was going for two different styles here. The first one a lot more cleaner on the front and minimal colour. The second one I like, not sure why, it's just like there in front of you, it, I think, captures the eye, i feel it feels lively.


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but have you considered meeting with any cycling shirts producers about making these a reality? I could really imagine all of these in stores.

I was thinking the same thing. It's a little hard to judge these, because I have no clue what a good looking cycling shirt looks like, but just by looking at them they look very cool. I especially like it because it's very creative. Great work!

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