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Name these Baseball HOFers


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Hey y'all!

I recently took a stab at zoneranger's "whozis?', and I thought it was really cool. So I decided I'd take a stab at these guessing games. I have here some pics of Baseball Hall Of Famers - all you have to do is tell me who they are. I don't have anything to give away but cool points, so I hope that that is alright with y'all.

There will be four - two on one post and two on the next (due to image limits placed by the forum)

Here they are! Fire away!



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The second guy is Mickey Cochrane.

Next time, don't link the images from where you found them. Their file names kind of spoil the trivia.

Oh crap. did you see it on properties or something? I thought he links were hidden. Oh well, its a learning experience. How DO I hide the links? I had thought they were already hidden. Oh well.

All four have been guessed correctly!

They are as follows:

Orlando Cepeda

Mickey Cochrane

Sam Rice

Johnny Mize

Well, when I figure out how to hide links :P I'll post some more! Great job guys! 100 cool points to each who answered!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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