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What is with Amani Toomer's nameplate?


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It's pissing me off too.


Well when every single other player on the Giants has their name up higher, it does bother me. Plus, it's bolder than the others too.

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According to this entry in Paul Lukas' blog, it's because Toomer is wearing a uniform with a different tailoring template than the rest of the team (oddly enough, with no side panel, just a seam), and because of the seams on it, it pushes his nameplate down. No idea why the lettering appears to be different, though.

Lukas does follow up in the subsequent day's entry, saying: "Jints equipment guru Joe Skiba isn?t ready to talk about this yet, but stay tuned ? we should have more info in another week or so."

It is strange, but I don't think it's anything to get worked up over, even for uniform geeks like us. ^_^

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It's pissing me off too. Why is his name so low on his back?


Toomer's jersey looks like a variation of the template the Chargers are wearing - the seam on the back of the shoulders looks like that style, but I'm pretty sure the Chargers jerseys have the spandex side panels.

If the Giants equipment manager, who has been very forthcoming, doesn't want to talk about it yet then we might be looking at a new jersey teplate for the Giants for next season. Toomer has also been testing helmets - he was wearing the Schutt ION 4D earlier in pre-season (and maybe into the early season) but he didn't like the heavy facemask. For at least the last 4-6 weeks of the season he has been wearing a Schutt Air XP - he just has the back snubber tucked into the shell (like Burress does on his regular Riddell VSR-4 helmet).

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