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Start of a new and long concept series


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I was wondering today watching the Canucks-Blues game what the Canucks jerseys would look like if they were on St. Louis' template, then I got the idea to start a concept series, what I think every NHL team would look like on every teams template. This will be my first concept series, and in the end, if I do ever finish this it will be 870 total jerseys. Here are the first six...

Atlanta-Anaheim Away

Atlanta-Anaheim Home

Boston-Anaheim Away

Boston-Anaheim Home

Buffalo-Anaheim Away

Buffalo-Anaheim Home

Carolina-Anaheim Away

Carolina-Anaheim Home

Calgary-Anaheim Away

Calgary-Anaheim Home

Chicago-Anaheim Away

Chicago-Anaheim Home

Colorado-Anaheim Away

Colorado-Anaheim Home

Columbus-Anaheim Away

Columbus-Anaheim Home

Dallas-Anaheim Away

Dallas-Anaheim Home

Detroit-Anaheim Away

Detroit-Anaheim Home

Edmonton-Anaheim Away

Edmonton-Anaheim Home

Florida-Anaheim Away

Florida-Anaheim Home

Los Angeles-Anaheim Away

Los Angeles-Anaheim Home

Minnesota-Anaheim Away

Minnesota-Anaheim Home

Montreal-Anaheim Away

Montreal-Anaheim Home

Nashville-Anaheim Away

Nashville-Anaheim Home

New Jersey-Anaheim Away

New Jersey-Anaheim Home

NY Islanders-Anaheim Away

NY Islanders-Anaheim Home

NY Rangers-Anaheim Away

NY Rangers-Anaheim Home

Ottawa-Anaheim Away

Ottawa-Anaheim Home

Philadelphia-Anaheim Away

Philadelphia-Anaheim Home

Phoenix-Anaheim Away

Phoenix-Anaheim Home

Pittsburgh-Anaheim Away

Pittsburgh-Anaheim Home

San Jose-Anaheim Away

San Jose-Anaheim Home

St. Louis-Anaheim Away

St. Louis-Anaheim Home

Tampa Bay-Anaheim Away

Tampa Bay-Anaheim Home

Toronto-Anaheim Away

Toronto-Anaheim Home

Vancouver-Anaheim Away

Vancouver-Anaheim Home

Washington-Anaheim Away

Washington-Anaheim Home

Anaheim-Atlanta Away

Anaheim-Atlanta Home

Boston-Atlanta Away

Boston-Atlanta Home

Buffalo-Atlanta Away

Buffalo-Atlanta Home

Calgary-Atlanta Away

Calgary-Atlanta Home

Carolina-Atlanta Away

Carolina-Atlanta Home

Chicago-Atlanta Away

Chicago-Atlanta Home

Colorado-Atlanta Away

Colorado-Atlanta Home

Columbus-Atlanta Away

Columbus-Atlanta Home

Dallas-Atlanta Away

Dallas-Atlanta Home

Detroit-Atlanta Away

Detroit-Atlanta Home

Edmonton-Atlanta Away

Edmonton-Atlanta Home

Florida-Atlanta Away

Florida-Atlanta Home

Los Angeles-Atlanta Away

Los Angeles-Atlanta Home

Minnesota-Atlanta Away

Minnesota-Atlanta Home

Montreal-Atlanta Away

Montreal-Atlanta Home

Nashville-Atlanta Away

Nashville-Atlanta Home

New Jersey-Atlanta Away

New Jersey-Atlanta Home

NY Islanders-Atlanta Away

NY Islanders-Atlanta Home

NY Rangers-Atlanta Away

NY Rangers-Atlanta Home

Ottawa-Atlanta Away

Ottawa-Atlanta Home

Philadelphia-Atlanta Away

Philadelphia-Atlanta Home

Phoenix-Atlanta Away

Phoenix-Atlanta Home

Pittsburgh-Atlanta Away

Pittsburgh-Atlanta Home

San Jose-Atlanta Away

San Jose-Atlanta Home

St. Louis-Atlanta Away

St. Louis-Atlanta Home

Toronto-Atlanta Away

Toronto-Atlanta Home

Vancouver-Atlanta Away

Vancouver-Atlanta Home

Washington-Atlanta Away

Washington-Atlanta Home

Anaheim-Boston Away

Anaheim-Boston Home

Atlanta-Boston Away

Atlanta-Boston Home

Buffalo-Boston Away

Buffalo-Boston Home

Calgary-Boston Away

Calgary-Boston Home

Carolina-Boston Away

Carolina-Boston Home

Chicago-Boston Away

Chicago-Boston Home

Columbus-Boston Away

Columbus-Boston Home

Colorado-Boston Away

Colorado-Boston Home

Dallas-Boston Away

Dallas-Boston Home

Detroit-Boston Away

Detroit-Boston Home

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If you can finish this without losing interest, this will be very interesting.

...as opposed to your personal life which will be very boring because you will have wasted your time on this.

jesus bro, imagine all the things you could do instead?!

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I have faith in you my friend , keep it up ...

This will be very cool to see progress from team to team .

Out of the first 3 teams . I like the way Bostons look with the Ducks tempate , go figure ...

*** Updated comment ***

Im just gonna add to my reply each time instead of ading a whole new one ...

Chicago Away looks really good with the stripe colour sequence and Carolinas both work great ...

*** Updated comment 2***

It is really interesting to see how different a team could look with a new jersey template . The teams look can totally change ...

Of the new ones i am really likeing Devils home , Kings home and surprisingly since there jersey is right now so set in stone and classic The Canadians set looks decent on the Ducks template which is kind of shocking ...

***Updated Comment 3***

The Flyers set is my favorite so far . They are by far my overall favs on the Ducks template . The white away instead of the orange is prolly my fav one overall so far ...

*** Updated Comment 4 ***

So I am pretty sure i just dont like Atlanta Jersey template at all , It appears that only Atlanta can look good in his jersey . Never have been a fan of the one sleeve a different colour , not to mention the "Atlanta " that runs down it .

The couple I do like are the Ducks Home and again the Canadians Home ...

*** Updated Comment 5 ***

As i thought all of them look pretty darn good on the Brunis template , though my fav thus far is Chicago and Calgary ...

Cant wait for more ...

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I hope you can finish all this before we crown a new Stanley Cup Champion. No seriously, I always wondered which teams would look good in some other team's jersey. I'm just glad someone else is doing every single one of them for me :D .

No in all absolute seriousness, I think you will get bored by the time you're making everyone look like the Calgary Flames. If not, I don't know how you do it.

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870 jersey's? Wow man, that is QUITE a task.

I hope you finish it though, this would be a crazy concept series to be completed. I'll make you a "concept record" sig if you do, how 'bout that? :P Now you have something to look forward to!

(Also, can you update your first post with all of them, that will be helpful in the long run, so we don't need to search and search through pages to find them all.)

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They all look good in the Ducks template. I like the thrashers and flames ones the best though. Question though. What are you going to do for Tampa, Ottawa and Pittsburgh...they all have the same template and Phoneix and Toronto almost do too. That would make very much sense to do 5 of every team when there is really only 2 templates.

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I'm diggin' it. My only suggestion might be in presentation on the site. Perhaps you could group them, instead of individuals. Maybe each team, in all the different styles, or just 4 or 5 teams on a single link.

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