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FOX Sports Sigs


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Ohhh dude! One word: awesome!

I got some requests if you dont mind:

University Of Utah (red with drum and feathers logo)

Utah Jazz (Navy with primary logo)

Indianapolis Colts (white with blue horseshoe)

Colorado Rockies (Black with purple "CR")

These next two I'll have to help you out with with some links:

Orem Owlz - red background with this logo:


and my high school, the American Leadership Academy Eagles - Navy background with this logo:


Thanks! And take all the time you need, I am in no rush.






Hey thanks alot! And now that I look at it, I do kinda like the powder blue Jazz one. Great work! Thanks a million! (Oh and you nailed my high school's one! Nice!)

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I hope you don't mind If I ask you for two more...I forgot to ask for them the first time. Please make sure others who requested before me get thier's first, I don't want to butt in.

Real Salt Lake - red background with primary logo/crest

Utah Grizzlies (ECHL) - dark green background with this logo:


Thanks in advance and again, take all the time you need and fulfill the others' requests before me.

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these sigs look pretty awesome.

could i request an indiana pacers (navy background), indiana hoosiers (white background), and chicago cubs (blue background).

the colts one you made earlier looks pretty good, so i think i will just use that one - unless you want to make another one.

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These all look really good. I'm watching NY-GB right now and the graphics look really similar to the sigs. I guess I'll throw myself up for some requests.

Buccaneers Ship with Red Background

Whalers W with Green or blue background (whichever works)

Liverpool Shield with red or white background (whichever works)

USA Track and Field logo with white background

Bobcats logo without wordmark on an orange background

My School's "Logo" in the same color background and a gold border.

I know, it's probably a lot, but I am very patient and I'll try to repay you if I can think up a sig design. I'm thinking over some ideas, but I need to be able to actually make it. :lol:

Thank you for doing these for me.

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