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Kewp's Football(Soccer) Project


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D.C. United

LA Galaxy

If any of you follow the lower divisions in England or have seen the move Green Street Hooligans(as it's known here in the U.S.) may be familiar with Millwall.

Millwall's firm(or gang), called the Bushwackers, is one of the most notorious of all the hooligan gangs. Even though they haven't played in the top division since 1990, they had a glorious FA Cup run in 2003, where they lost to Manchester United 3-0 in the final.

Anyway, design wise Millwall is sort of a mismatch. They have a crest, but use this rampant lion on their kits instead. Their kit designs have always been fairly simple, so I kept my concept simple as well.

For the new badge I created I took inspiration from both the crest and the rampant lion; using the silhouette of it for the two new lions. Much of the rest is just an update of the older crest.


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These are quite nice. The jerseys kind of remind me of the puma v1.08 template (their current one). Good job here.

If that's what Tottenham uses then that's what it is :P

Thanks for all the comments guys.

Next up I think I'm gonna have a go with the Wizards with the new Adidas template. Any ideas you guys have for them?

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