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Redskins Concept


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The yellow just isn't right, a k a Nashville Predators alt.

I had ideas about this type of a hybrid look (old colors, incorporating both the spear and the circle) and the only real difference was I had the circle on the sleeve and the spear on the pant legs.

Otherwise, I could live with this look for a LONG time. If it were me, I'd have the third color in the middle of the sleeve stripes -- white on the dark jerseys and mustard on the whites.

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Yeah, that mustard jersey is awful. Overall, the concept isn't bad but I've always had a issue with the name Redskins. If they change anything, it should start with the name. However, for this concept, I agree with Steve about adding another color to the sleeve stripes. And the spear helmet is better than the current one. If you are going with the old school striped look, could you put stripes on the socks? I think that would help, especially when the burgundy pants are worn. Also, could you try some white alternate pants? I'm interested to see how that might look.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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