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Flake Out Festival Snow Sculpting


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Tomorrow, I will be driving to the Wisconsin Dells and be taking part of the snow sculpting event they have every festival.

I have never actually snow sculpted or really sculpted before so this will most likely be a humbling experience. My friend Joel got be started into this contest. His dad is an Olympian (Ice or Snow Sculpting, I forget) and his older brother competed in these competitions before. My other friend Bui will also be competing on our 3 person team. He is actually a painter and currently attends UW for an art degree.

It's supposed to be very chilly when we sculpt (friday, saturday), but I think this is a once in a lifetime experience.


Our design is "The Flat Earth" which I designed in English Class last semester. Honestly, the only inspiration I can pinpoint is Thomas Dolby's song that shares the same name. The design just popped in my head, and Joel fine-tuned it.

Anyways, I will post pictures when I return on sunday (as long as its before the Packer game).

I'm curious if any other members of the board have snow sculpted before and could offer some tips or just artists in general offering tips for these types of competitions. I've never produced art with dozens of people watching me.

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Tonight, I was gonna tackle the uploading of the photos, but well my internet browser keeps quitting on me. I promise to update them in the next few days, but 30 minutes of clicking and waiting makes me a bit impatient.

Lets just say, it was a learning experience, but one that I will remember for a lifetime.

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