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Beware of the Bear!


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Just a little something I came up with when trying to figure out what I wanted to change my background to...I couldn't figure it out so I made up this new one! I think Bruins fans should like it anyway!




Looks much better at full 1600x1200, the pavement cracks, the sign, it's all better hi-res!

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THAT IS SICK!! Even though I am not a bruins fan (although I do like quite a few of their players) I have to say that this is a amazing background. Send it to the bruins and see if they will put it in their backgrounds section (although teams tend to hire people to do that...)

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O.K. Just look at the shape of the logo in the "of" part! Don't look at the letter within the logo, don't concentrate on the B, look at the shape, it's a circle, and O is a circle, it makes perfect sense and looks fine IMO. And as far as "Beware of Bear"?? I just can't wrap my brain around it, it just sounds wrong without the "the"!





Obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so! But again I appreciate the C&C!

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Really nice man! For a Bruins fan that would be a sweet wallpaper. It'd be cool to see if you could incorporate the idea with other teams.

The Oilers come to mind with the logo as the O in a sign saying "Welcome to Oil Country"

Anyways, great work!

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I agree with the Beware the Bear comment.

I would also work a way to get some background space in there so that icons don't go over the slogan and sign.

My icons don't...as you can see by how the background is set up, icons are meant to run along the top and the bottom... and only a few of mine go onto the sign, but still don't cover the word "crossing" or anything like that! Guess it depends on how tidy you keep your desktop though! I find a busy background lends itself towards a tidier desktop, where as a simple background could have 50 icons all over it and it wouldn't matter! And the THE is staying! Beware of Bear just sounds wrong!! lol

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I do got to say its a great concept. It works much better with "bear" because of the rhyming than "Beware the Turtle" from maryland. And if Maryland hadn't done it before, I'd think it would be a great thing for the Bruins to run with in reality.

(In no way am I saying that you took the idea from Maryland. But because it came first, you'd wouldn't be able to trademark the slogan most likely)

But the "Beware of the Dog" isn't a slogan really. YOu want something that rolls of the tounge, and "Beware the Bear" does that. "Of" adds an unnecessary and clumbersome word to a great slogan.

Its like I always say "A dog has wiskers" Meaning, when you draw a dog, you never include wiskers, because it doesn't look right. But in reality, a dog does have wiskers. you leave them off because as an artist (or in this case, a marketer) you have the right to change reality to make it look better.

Perhaps "Beware of the Bear" is correct, but "Beware the Bear" is catchier.

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