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NCAA Hockey Jersey Concept Series


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I got this idea from the guy who makes the ncaa baseball jerseys..im not going to go crazy and make every team but let me know what you think..if you like them i will make more of them.

Be sure to click to make full size image to see all detail..

Here we go with the first jersey in the series...



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Seriously man, you need numbers on these...

I don't see why he needs numbers, you get enough of the point in what he has done.

It's nothing fancy. They just look so bland w/o numbers(especially Michigan), and they would be there in real life. It's not like numbers are really fancy; it just adds a lot of realism and makes them that much better since that's how they would look on the ice IMO. They just don't look at all right to me without numbers...

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ya but u get the idea of how the jersey would look..all the numbers will do is fill in the blank spaces

im just making these things for fun

Well that's all the logos do... fill up space.. :P

IDK, I just can't grasp it right. You don't have to, but I just think it doesn't take much time at all and it makes it look way better and more real... more like an actual jersey.

Just my 2 cents though, if you really don't want numbers on them you don't have to.

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ya im not adding numbers on these and as far as shoulder logos go..i wanted to keep it simple since its Michigan..i mean look at there football and bball uni's..very simplistic

but if you look at their current hockey uni's, they have the U of M seal on their shoulders and numbers on the sleeve. If you ask me, I see that and it looks classy and not so busy all at the same time

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