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Simple Sig Idea


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I like them, but I think you should change the font. maybe Varsity Block?

Hmm... I'm basically using Paint and Microsoft Office 2007 (for resizing the logos), do you know where can dowload that font that is compatible with those two programs? I've tried to download fonts before and they never seem to work. Any suggestions?

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Sure thing




And just so everyone knows the image IS three separate signatures, not one block, I'll continue posting them like this to conserve space, but they may be separately used, rearranged, etc.

Thanks. They look great. They'll go up right after the Super Bowl. Right now I need the extra space for my shameless bandwagon jumping as you can see from my current sig.

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I haven't actually. I probably should. I'll update the 9 I've already done and post those in a few.

Dude.. I don't know if it's Vista or what but this isn't working.. I'd be happy to complete this project with the regular font I've been using, or any other font on Microsoft Office.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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