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Infrared's Who Am I?


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1. Vera Jane Palmer

2. Ohio

3. I attended The University of Washington

4. A Pennsylvania university

5. Massachusetts

6. Plumbing

7. I have two Super Bowl rings.

Who Am I?

Bonus: In my last season I stepped in for an injured player and did something unusual for a guy who played my position putting me on "the other end of the play." What was it.

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Ray Mansfield

He was a center, but kicked an extra point during a playoff game because the Steelers' kicker went out with a groin injury.

Ray Mansfield it is.


Roy Gerela was the kicker he replaced in the playoff game.

Vera Jane Palmer is better known as Jayne Mansfield. There a towns named Mansfield in Massachusetts and Ohio. There is a Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. And Mansfield is the name of a plumbing company.

Ray Mansfield died while on a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon in 1996.

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