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Atlanta?s WNBA Team Named Atlanta Dream


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ATLANTA, Jan. 23, 2008 ? Atlanta?s new WNBA team officially arrived today as Team Owner Ron Terwilliger and the franchise unveiled the Atlanta Dream team name, logo and colors in front of a large crowd at the Eastlake YMCA. WNBA President Donna Orender and Atlanta City Council President Lisa Borders were joined by hundreds of supporters at the special community event.

?Today?s is another milestone toward our Inaugural 2008 Season in May,? said Terwilliger. ?Atlanta is a city of dreamers and this week we have had time to reflect on what it means to dream and what can happen when you do. Little girls, like little boys, imagine playing in front of cheering crowds and achieving success in professional sports leagues. We believe Dream best captures Atlanta?s spirit and the core values of the WNBA. We look forward to the Atlanta Dream continuing to make history as we work toward our goal of transcending sports.?

The Atlanta Dream?s color scheme is red and sky blue. In the logo, Atlanta is spelled out in red capital letters above Dream which is penned in sky blue capital letters and shadowed with a red and white. Three light blue stars surround the A of Dream with one star in the middle and a basketball propelled out of the star.

?The support in Atlanta has been tremendous and we look forward to seeing the Dream grow and prosper throughout the Inaugural 2008 Season and beyond.? said WNBA President Donna Orender.

The Atlanta WNBA team will begin play in 2008 at Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta. The team will tip-off in its first regular season home game on Friday, May 23 at 7:30 p.m. against defending Eastern Conference Champions the Detroit Shock. For information and to purchase season tickets for Atlanta?s 2008 season, fans can call (404) 604-2626 or visit www.AtlantaDream.net. E-mail inquiries should be sent to tickets@atlantadream.net.



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Wouldn't a better unveiling for the name have been Monday?

No, since most media coverage was on the holiday itself, along with fallout from the primarys/caucuses over the weekend, and upcoming votes. The sports world was still talking Super Bowl matchups.

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Dream? Ugh. Bad on so many levels.

Did Terwilliger deliver that with a straight face? Did he sit in his office and say, "I can't wait for the Sky/Dream or Storm/Dream matchup."

Thank God nobody named their WNBA team the Wett.

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I have a dream that the WNBA and the potential WPS (Womens Pro Soccer) will both fold by 2010.

Why, dare I ask, would you want a league to fold? Do you have something against women? That's just an idiotic thing to say.

Nothing against women at all. More of a joke about how great the WNBA is.

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That logo isn't even a logo. It's more of "I took word art off of microsoft word, and added a basketball above it". I like the colors, but the WNBA really needs to change alot of their teams names to names which actually make sense.

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