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Having a bit of creative block at the moment and am in dire need of some inspiration. I've got to design a 60' x 40' poster for the Belfast Giants to advertise their remaining home games of the season.

Basically this is all the info that need to go onto it but as you can see the design (made by the printing company not me) is terrible.


When I'm looking for some inspiration I would usually look at the following places:

Web: CSS Mania / CSS Play / Best Web Gallery

Branding: Logo Pond / CCSL / Brand New

I'm just wondering does anyone have similar sites to those above that cover print layouts??


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What I'd do is take the logo and make it about oh I don't a 20% opacity or so background image in the center behind the text. I'd get rid of the goofy coolest and replace it with a standard font, maybe have a top to bottom white to blue gradient to give the feeling of cool. I'd change the tag line to "The coolest game in town." Maybe something like this:

The coolest game in town

Coors Belfast Giants

Home Games



Bottom info

Take out the red information, first of all it's hard to read and second of all, it's just clutter.

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Agree with the above.

Also, the way they say the full team name "Coors Belfast Giants" vs. Whomever every game is overkill. We know it's a Coors Belfast Giants poster. On yours, I'd just go with "1/31/08 vs. Hull Stingrays" or something like that.

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