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Montreal Junior Hockey, Its coming back!


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The owner of the St. John's Fog Devils of the QMJHL recently anounced that he has sold the team to a Montreal investor and that the franchice will be playing in the Verdun Aditorium next year. I had an idea that we could have a contest to think of a new name and to come up with a design. Just post your new design in this thread as soon as your done.

Here is a link to the news release aswell: http://www.lhjmq.qc.ca/lang_en/index.php?p...d_nouvelle=1667


Here is a quick design I whipped up in piant. The Montreal Maroons:



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Maybe they can demand the PEI Rocket for their name back.

Being an Islander I would agree with you because the rocket fits with montreal better than PEI and PEI deserves a more fitting name then the PEI Rocket. Sadly it doesn't work like that...that is unless they trade franchices and rosters...but also sadly that doesn't work either.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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