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Columbus blue jackets concepts

Roger Clemente

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This team just has so much potential for great jerseys. Here is a pair of one design, two using silver, two using the electric green.

Copy and paste:





--Roger "Time?" Clemente.

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Those are pretty nice, but I think the person who had the idea to add electric green to the color scheme of a team named after Civil War soldiers needs a swift kick in the crotch. So that needs to go. I think the "CBJ" ribbon logo does too, as well as Mr. Gay Bug Guy. So basically what I'm saying is that they need a total revamp. Which is what I'm working on. So guys, prepare to be blown away soon by my earth-shattering Blue Jackets uniforms. No JK but I am gonna try to develop some new logos. Anyway nice work as always Rog.
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Put the bug on the shoulder, instead of the solitary star.  (I mean, if they're going to have a logo, they should use it. *heh*)

And, I HATE THOSE NUMBERS.  But that's not your fault, it's theirs.

Otherwise, swank design.

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