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Homemade Hockey Merch...


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My girlfriend is a huge Minnesota Wild fan, and I'm a huge Avs fan, and we have designed and made (ok, she has made) some pretty cool Avs / Wild stuff this season...

Throw pillows for our couch -- (we bought the patches on NHL.com)


Hand knitted scarfs -- (based on last year's Avs 3rd jersey and last year's Wild home socks)


Vests -- (yep, more of the same patches)


Shirts -- (these are one - offs designed on uberprints.com)


Anyone else have anything like this to show off? Any good ideas for more stuff?

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hockey related, I had two tees-a short-sleeve black tee that I turned into a Gretzky shirt with the Angry King on the front. Problem was the GRETZKY 99 on the back was way too small, and I have no idea where it is. The other one was a New York Americans longsleeve tee using my custom logos (NY torch and stylized Americans wordmark). Likewise, I have no idea where I left it. Eh well, you live and learn.

all that posted stuff rules btw. especially the Avs scarf.

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